Comwin light and electricity Co.,Ltd takes the lead to develop six key core technologies based on leading UV emission control technology and comprehensive design technology

Illumination control technology
CHS water disinfection technology (high efficiency and stability - safety and energy saving)
CS-UV air Disinfection technology (rapid and high-efficient sterilization)
COMCLER space disinfection technology (ozone disinfection, ozone reduction)
CHH UV lamp technology (185, 253.7nm double high efficiency)
CSS UV standard lamp technology (constant UV output)

Illumination control technology

The most core material of UV lamp is self-developed
UV control technology,design dedicated amalgam for each type of lamp

02.IMPROVED TECHNOLOGY: CHS water disinfection technology(Safe and energy saving)

When the working water temperature changes from 5-40 degrees Celsius (season, day and night temperature difference), the UV output is stable and meets the disinfection UV dose requirements. When power is adjustable and the water temperature changes from 5-40 degrees Celsius, the UV output is stable and meets the disinfection requirements.

03.Original Technology: CS-UV air disinfection technology (Rapid and high-efficient sterilization)

CS-UV new UV disinfection technology is currently the only effective and practical infectious disease, epidemic prevention and control technology. (Applicable to the air supply system and the space of some people)

Killing microorganisms in flowing air at once

UV light intensity increased by 5-10 times

Time, length, reduced to one fifth to one tenth

Dose:Ultraviolet dose mJ/cm²

I :UV irradiance mW/cm²

t :Irradiation time s

COMCLER space disinfection technology(Ozone disinfection, ozone reduction )

05.IMPROVED TECHNOLOGY: CHH UV technology(185nm, 253.7nm double efficient)

185nm produces more ozone or hydroxyl radicals, 253.7nm UV is UV advanced oxidation catalytic energy, can be widely used in indoor formaldehyde treatment, industrial waste gas VOC treatment, remove COD in water.

06.ORIGINAL TECHNOLOGY: CSS UV standard lamp technology(Constant output)

253.7nm output stability

an be used for UV standard light source, improve the accuracy of UV spectrophotometer

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