Disinfection and deodorant,suitable for any small confined space
Using ozone and ultraviolet sterilization technology,no residue in the sterilization process,no supplies,no dead ends. After the completion of the desinfection surplus ozone can be reduced to oxygen,safe and reliable.


Core technology: COMCLER UV Disinfection Technology


Charging interfaceTYPE-C

Charger输出 5V 2A

Rated power4W

Working current1.3A

Stand-by current≤100μA

Battery capacity4000mAh

Use space≤50L

The technology that 185nm ultraviolet rays excite O2 to produce O3 is stabler compared to a discharging- type ozone generator and is little affected by environmental humidity.
Sufficient battery capacity guarantees O3 concentration and O3 disinfection time; O3 is easy to spread, and the fan accelerates O3 penetration to ensure the killing effect on various microorganisms.
185nm ultraviolet ray excites O2 to produce O3, and does not produce toxic by-products such as nitrogen oxides, nitric acid and nitrate
O3 reduction function is set. After disinfection, O3 is irradiated by 253.7nm ultraviolet rays to reduce O3 to O2. After disinfection is finished, the O3 concentration at the position that is 20cm away from the opening is lower than the safe value, which meets the standard requirements and is safer after disinfection.
Unique UV technology, the UV lamp has the advantage of small size and large energy, which makes the COMCLER small in size and easy to use.
Smart touch screen, kill/taste mode, random choice of space size, status, battery capacity, time, at a glance


COMCLER uses UV reduction technology to quickly reduce the concentration of ozone to a safe concentration

After disinfection, the high concentration of ozone naturally decomposes too slowly.COMCLER uses ultraviolet reduction technology to quickly reduce the ozone concentration that can be contacted by people to a safe concentration, and the disinfection is safer.

In daily life, you feel that the clothes that are washed cleanly contain various pathogenic bacteria, allergens, etc. in the fiber of the clothes, which have great harm to the human body.
There are also a large number of bacteria in the air. The reason we can be safe in this environment is that most bacteria are not necessarily harmful to humans, and the body itself has immune function. However, in the flu season, the bacteria in the air are likely to be attached to the clothes, and people with weak constitutions will suffer from the disease. The molds in the rainy season and some other allergens in the outside world may also lurk on the clothes.
According to a report by the Public Health Journal, in 2012, a report by the World Health Organization's International Center for Cancer Research (CIRC) pointed out that the main culprit in about 1/6 of the world's cancers is Helicobacter pylori, hepatitis B and C, and human nipples. The tumor virus caused only four of these pathogens to cause cancer in nearly 2 million people worldwide.

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